Why the Waffen-SS ?

 The Second Battle Group is a WWII Living History and Historical society which became established in 1978. Originally the group comprised of British, American and German units but after 5 years the Allied units left the Second Battle Group and all that remained was the German section. Originally the Allied units consisted of the Elite British 1st Airborne, the Elite American 101st Airborne and therefore it was decided that the German unit would portray the 3.Kp of the Elite 1.SS.Panzer Division. The main reason for this being that the 3.Kp committed no alleged atrocities or war crimes during WWII and the 1.SS.Pz.Division fought on every major European front in WWII (excluding North Africa) making participation of this unit at any event historically accurate. Also the (camouflaged) uniforms, weapons, equipment and vehicles used by the 1.SS.Pz.Division consisted of everything that was used and available to and throughout the German army meaning that we can use virtually any vehicle or piece of equipment and still be historically accurate in our portrayal.

 The SBG’s aim is to be historically accurate and its interest lies in the history of the Second World War and not in any political steering of the German III Reich. It's not the SBG' intention to shock or offend anyone. We do not wear or display any insignia or regalia  that isn't necessary.

 The SBG have worked, and continue to work, with many prestigious organisations around the country including recently donating £550.00 GBP to the British WWII Hill 112 organisation. Many SBG  members collect for, or have assisted, the British Legion, and other similar charities. In addition to this, a number of SBG members are, or have been, volunteer workers for organisations such as Mencap and similar charities. The SBG has also been utilised by various film and TV companies in the past, including the BBC, ITV, Channels 4 & 5, the History and Discovery channels and major international film companies. SBG members have also lectured and displayed at organisations as diverse as schools, military establishments, museums and many public shows during our history. The SBG is simply a WWII living History and Historical Society whose aim is to portray the forces and conditions of the German Army in WWII as accurately as possible and doing so for educational purposes without any form of glorification whatsoever.