Filming with Cromwell



Filming with the SBG March 1998

This SBG event took place in Kent on Sunday March 8th. This day consisted of filming with an independent film Co. called Cromwell Productions. They will use the footage for forthcoming historical TV documentaries called "Tanks" and a video about the " Leibstandarte " where original W.W.II footage will be intersected with scenes of the SBG re-enacting certain periods of the Waffen - SS history.

In use on this day was an extremely rare Jagdpanzer IV /70 (V) (Sd Kfz 162/1) which has been restored to production line condition. This extremely successful tank destroyer appeared in mid 1944 and mounted a 7.5 cm Pak 42 L/70 gun (+ 1 MG 42).Of special interest is the thick frontal armour (80mm) which was needed to face the enemy head on as the gun was usually aimed with the whole vehicle due to limited traverse. This particular Jagdpanzer is a late production model identifiable by its three return (track) rollers (Ausf .J Chassis).



In use on the day was the SBGs trusty half track " Tatra " (Still under conversion), the Mk IV "Lang" as above, an American Sherman and an American "Hell cat" tank (photos to be added later). Filming took place from 8am until 5pm with the SBG alternating between attacking and defending against first American troops/armour and then Russian (photos to be added soon).1000s of rounds of blank ammo was fired along with pyros and smoke etc. and the scenes "shot" looked very authentic. A full update about this interesting day will be added to this web site very soon.

(Right) The SBGs half-track in action on the film set (note camera to the left). Photo by SBG member Steve Osmond (Grenadier Ohlen).





Members of the SBG gather for a "Battle Briefing" during filming