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Specialist in books on the Third Reich, including Uniforms, Unit History, Medals & Awards &  Armoured Fighting Vehicles. Besides new and current publications there is a section on rare and out of print books. Many of these books are not generally available elsewhere. This is where the SBG buys it's books from.

Historical Societies:



California Historical Group - This site is the Headquarters for the California re-enactors for W.W. II impressions.

Northwest Historical Association  (NWHA)- This is the Northern Pacific historical group. If you live in Idaho, WA or Oregon check out their page and see which unit you want to join.

German tank sites:

Achtungpanzer  This website is dedicated to the history of tanks and people of the Panzertruppe during World War II.

Robs panther page  A excellent site on the German panther tank.

Aarons Armory Californian LSSAH members web sites that has info on the Pzkpfw VI Tiger Ausf. B and other WWII German AFV's.

Panzer Page   German tanks of WW2.

Wheels of Terror- The Leibstandarte Tigers Military history of the Leibstandarte Tigers in WW2.

Russian tank sites:

Red Steel-   Russian tanks.

Luftwaffe sites:

Luft '46- You will find over 170 WWII German experimental and prototype aircraft
projects described here, through the use of 3-view drawings, period photographs, model photos and custom color artwork.

The Messerschmitt ME 262 web site" Australian connection"-This is a great Me 262 web site.

Die Schwalbe-Visit the home of the Worlds first fighting jet, the Me 262.


W.W.II misc info:

Excellent site covering all aspects of Italian WW2 Re-enacting, war gaming, books, history and models.


 K98 Page



Reenactor-net- This is a great place for reenacting info and a good spot t ailing list!

Das Reich homepage- A military history page dedicated to the examination of the 2nd SS panzer Division.

World War 2 British- A page featuring, but not restricted to, a British focus on
World War II

Ardennen poteau-44' Collection- This is a web site that has some history on the 1ss Pz. Div. and the town of Poteau.

Waffen SS picture gallery- This site has many rare pictures on the net that you may have never seen before.

WW2 Analyzed- Good site with general info on W.W.  II.

D-Day Analyzed- Same site as above.

German Military Forces Awards and Decorations 1933-1945-   

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New site containing info on the Afrika Campaign.

The Diving Eagle Airborne Operations and Ground Campaign's o 1945.

The Feldgendarmerie- This is a new place with a little bit of info on the German military police during WW2.

Freiwilligen Legion Flandern Website  A site about the volunteers.

Johnson Reference books and militaria This site contains W.W. II German militaria.

Through Rommel's Eyes  Site based on the Heer General of the Afrika korps.

Message boards:


Propane Guns:

Petes Propane Machine guns- based in  Florida and run by Pete Winston. His link will be up soon, in the mean time you can call him direct at 813 754-3959 USA.