Mpgs of the SBG

in action 

The following Mpgs all featuring the SBG are selected clips from " Steel Tempest " by Cromwell Films and  " War & Peace 1999 " by Duke videos. The SBG would like to thank both companies for allowing us to use clips from their videos on  this web site. Thank you also to Spanish member Javier Diaz who made the Mpgs. Different clips will be added in due course.

Click on an image below for that section of film

SBG MG crew in action Beltring 1999
1.37 Mb

Steel Tempest
 taking the bridge
2.44 Mb

 Steel Tempest
Moving out
1.36 Mb

Steel Tempest
Attacking the town
1.53 Mb

Steel Tempest
 Fighting in the town
1 Mb

Steel Tempest
 Allied counter attack
1.01 Mb

 SBG & Pzkpfw. Mk III in
the arena at Beltring 1998
855 Kb

SBG Half track in
action Beltring 1999
871 Kb