Joining the SBG

The membership of the SBG consists of people from all walks of life including bankers, Insurance brokers, IT specialists, mechanics, computer operators, builders, electricians, Postal workers,  ex - soldiers (past and present), military historians, military modellers , military Dealers and militaria collectors. Using the memberships extensive knowledge of German W.W. II military history and its immense collection of books and Wochenschau newsreel we aim to portray the Waffen-SS not only under combat conditions but also on the parade ground as well where correct German W.W. II marching drill is taught. We also have in the Group a British WWII veteran who fought against the Waffen-SS during the Normandy campaign. The group provides the means for members to re-enact in a safe and legal way.



Unlike other similar W.W. II Re-enactment societies the SBG takes its hobby seriously. If you are presented with an award or even promoted you will know that you have achieved this through hard work, dedication to the group and merit. Members wear their cuff titles and belt buckles with pride. Our Officers and senior NCOs have over 20 years of  Re-enactment experience and many are ex servicemen. They have earned their rank and won their awards the hard way "Over the years" and have not simply promoted themselves to try and impress other people. They are experienced in combat and drill techniques and all new recruits are taught how to conduct themselves correctly in combat and on the parade ground.


Members of the SBG experience true to life WWII combat and military conditions. Using various sites mainly around Southern England we regularly hold training days where correct W.W. II marching and rifle drill is taught along with W.W. II German infantry tactics and which are taught at our woodland sites. However, the most impressive role of the SBG is its battle re-enactments which are held approx.6 times a year on its own sites and the rest of the year fighting with associated groups on their sites. Every winter we reconstruct the 1944 Ardennes campaign (The Battle of the Bulge) and in the summer the June'44 Normandy campaign is re-fought. Members from all over Europe attend these events (which are getting larger every year) and our Allied adversaries travel to our battle sites from as far as France to campaign against us!. During these re enactments W.W. II tactics are used and the groups Half track, trucks, Kubel and motorcycles are also used extensively along with Allied vehicles. Awards such as the Infantry Assault Badge, Wound Badge and Iron Cross are earned during combat and awarded at training days or public events during parades. Nothing is overlooked and members wear properly stamped dog tags and carry correctly filled out pay books containing his German name. Members are awarded points at each event for attendance and wearing certain kit etc. At the end of the year the member with the most points is the award winner and can occasionally also be promoted. Promotion can be earned in combat and obtained by services to the group, attendance and loyalty but is generally dependant on overall numbers.


Only legal weapons are allowed to be used and the main armament of the SBG is the standard rifle of the WWII German forces, the K98.k. These are real rifles held legally on Fire Arms Certificates and are used to fire blanks only. Some members own pistols such as Walther P.38s, Walther PPKs or Luger P.08s which are blank firing  replicas. We also use fully automatic blank firing MP40s (legally converted) and used for display purposes are deactivated MP44s, MG 34s and 42s along with Panzerfausts and a Panzerschreck.

Regularly attending SBG events is a section 5 fire arms dealer who hires out various weapons. New recruits are taught how to safely handle and use weapons as well as being taught how to strip down and rebuild some of the most famous weapons in military history. Safety in the SBG is paramount however the society is insured for 2.000.000.




The SBG has a membership of approx.100 people ranging from 18-75 years old of which around 75 are active members (the remainder being paper members but still supporting the group by donating to the halftrack fund etc.). Members come from various backgrounds and professions which contributes greatly to the SBG's appeal. We have members throughout the UK , USA, France, Holland, Belgium,  Germany, Sweden, Malta, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland and who regularly travel to England to take part in our events. There are no restrictions for membership however members must be over 16 years of age, have a stable attitude and if you wish to become an active member you will be expected to acquire a suitable uniform and weapon as soon as possible although initially these will be loaned to you. The uniform standards of the SBG is second to none but all of your uniform and kit requirements can be obtained through the group and at much cheaper prices than from high street dealers. Long hair and beards are not permitted. Whilst taking our hobby very seriously we also strive to make our hobby as enjoyable, rewarding and educational as possible. Not only for the membership but for the public as well.

The cost of a uniform is relatively inexpensive and we will always loan new members a uniform until they have bought their own which can be bought a little at a time through the SBG at a much cheaper cost than through military dealers. By joining the SBG you will be joining a large, recognised and respected organization that is second to none. Membership fees at present are 25 per year for the UK and EEC and 25 for other countries for which you receive a monthly newsletter, membership card and free entrance to various shows where the SBG is attending .

For further information about joining the SBG Email us at

The Second Battle Group is acutely aware of its controversial portrayal in this hobby and is a totally non political organization. People with para military, ideological or extreme views will not be accepted for membership.