Films, Books and magazines that feature the SBG


Since 1978 the SBG has appeared on TV and radio across Europe numerous times, featured in dozens of newspapers worldwide, had special features in various magazines, taken part in TV documentaries, produced its own books and taken part in movies (saving private ryan). Below is a list of the most significant events.


TV Documentaries

"Intrigue in Istanbul" (American "Discovery" channel shown in US Nov.97 and the UK in Jan.98).

"Achtung Panzer, German Tanks at war" ( Documentary series made by "Cromwell Productions")


TV Appearances

"The D-Day Show" (Southsea Common) broadcast by Southern TV in June 1984

"Der Spiegel" (German TV) broadcast in August 1994

"The Docklands Blitz" (London Weekend TV) broadcast in 1995

"Southern Ways" (Meridian TV) broadcast in November 1997



"Saving Private Ryan" starring Tom Hanks & Mat Damon (Directed by Steven Spielberg) UK release Aug.1998.

click on thumbnail to view stills from the film and the SBGs involvement in "spr".




"Warmachines No.16.German Infantry in action" Published by Francois Verlinden

"W.W.II German Military Uniforms. Waffen- " Published by Show Kase



"Military Modelling" September 1989

"Military Hobbies" March-April 1990

"Militaria Collector" September 1994

"Military Modelling" Spring 1997 (Vol:27 No:6)

"Soldier of Fortune" (UK Collectors magazine) 1997/8 - Present edition

"Gun Mart" January 1998

"Military Modelling" Autumn 1998

"Car (incorporating performance car)" December 1998

"Military in Scale" (published in winter 1998)

" Militaria "