Q. How do I join the SBG

A. Send an email to admin@secondbattlegroup.co.uk  . Write in the subject line of your email Info about SBG. Include your name and address and any questions that you'd like to ask and an information pack will be sent to you. Please note that SBG info packs are expensive to produce and send out so please be serious about your enquiry. Most information in the pack can be found on this web site.


Q. What are the requirements for joining the SBG.

 A. Anyone can join the SBG and theres no age limit but members under 16 should be accompanied by a parent, more details upon application.  Members must be appropriate in appearance to the subject matter that we portray. If you want to partake in the re-enactments you should be fairly physically fit. It is now a requirement of the UK law that each re-enactor is put through a safety training program before being allowed to re-enact. The SBGs program is quite stringent. We are a very high profile society and need to confirm fully to any legal requirements. Where possible we use original WW II German Army combat tactics and marching drill which can be quite physically demanding. If you are physically unfit you can still be detailed to the SBG Field Police section where you will guard the groups display etc. but you can still take part in the re-enactments. You must also bring your uniform standards up to the required type for the SBG as soon as you can.


Q. Can females and family members join the SBG.

A. Yes. The SBG is currently building on its female membership and so far we have approx. 5 SS-Helferininen (helpers) and 5 DRK Helferininen Nurses. We also have approx. 6 DJ (German Youth) who partake in various SBG activities under supervision of their parents who are also SBG members. However, most children and females do not take part in re-enactments at private events and usually pose around various parts of the SBG display at public shows. Family membership is GBP30.00 (more details on application).


Q. How much is membership.

A. Membership at present for EEC members is GBP25.00 for 1 year and GBP25.00 for other countries. For this you will receive a newsletter approximately every quarter and a membership card. You will also be added to a group email list and will receive the latest SBG news by email as well as newsletters which often offer cheap uniform articles for sale by SBG members. Family membership is GBP35.00 (more details on application).


Q. How much is a uniform.

A. The basic uniform of boots, gaiters, trousers, shirt, tunic with insignia, belt, buckle, cap and steel helmet will cost approx. GBP500.00. Combat equipment such as Y Straps, Gas mask case, bread bag, mess tin, water bottle, bayonet & frog, entrenching tool, ammo pouches and camouflage will cost another GBP500.00 approx.  However, usually all of your equipment can be purchased through the SBG where the best quality items are offered to members at the cheapest possible prices. There are always members selling various items and one recent new recruit to the SBG managed to kit himself out with the basic uniform (minus helmet) for GBP150 !.


Q. What do I do about a weapon.

A. The Fire Arms laws in the UK are very strict. Each new recruit joins the SBG as a Grenadier (a basic soldier) and should have a K98k rifle. You can apply to your local Police Force for a Fire Arms Certificate and then buy a K98k which costs approx. GBP250.00. However, the SBG usually has a Section 5 Fire Arms Dealer attending events who hirers various German W.W. II weapons to members this includes public and private events. There are also various blank firing weapons that can be used in re-enactments. Some shows provide a free weapon hire to SBG members.


Q. What happens at my first event, what do I do.

A. The SBG has many NCOs with various skills. At your first event you will be instructed on how to wear your uniform and kit correctly. You will then be given a safety briefing which includes safe weapon handling. After this you will be placed in a section and will be guided by the NCO in charge of your section. The SBG has various sections including a Pioneer  and Field Police section. When you have been in the group for a while you can ask to be put into a particular section.


Q. What is expected of me.

A. You are required to follow the SBG rules and constitution (sent to you when your membership is accepted) and to become part of a team helping to put up and take down the SBG displays and generally help other members and the group wherever possible. You are expected to act sensibly at events and to portray the fighting soldier of the Waffen-SS as accurately as possible.


Q. Do I have to know or learn the German language.

A. No. Many commands are given in German but these are easily learned.


Q. If I join the SBG do I have to attend events.

A. No. You can become a Paper Member and just receive a newsletter and membership card. Later you may feel that you want to start taking part in the events and you can then become an Active member.


Q. How many times does the SBG meet each year and do I have to attend everything.

A. The SBG tries to hold or partake in an event at least once a month. We also regularly take part in filming for TV companies. As an active member you are not required to attend any event except official training days/weekends which are held at least once a year. We do ask that you try to attend the three large summer shows that the SBG take part in every year ( War & Peace show, Military Odyssey and occasionally The Victory Show).


Q. How do I get to events.

A. A full description of the next event including directions on how to get there are always in the preceding newsletter or group emails. If you do not have transport we will try to arrange for a member to pick you up but we always have problems in the transport area and members should try to make their own way to events.


Q. Can I bring my family along to any event.

A. Most of the time, Yes. Although this is usually impractical at private events as the family is usually restricted to staying in the car park area and often gets bored. Sometimes members wives attend private events (in uniform) and help with the cooking and security etc. At public events family members not in uniform are not allowed into the display area. During the summer BBQs are usually held in the evenings in the SBG family camping area where those members and their families who do not like beer tents or drinking can sit around for a friendly chat.