Second Battle Group
W.W. II Re-enactment & Historical Society
Established 1978 



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Axis Re-enactment Groups:

SS units:



15./III.Blt./SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt.2 LSSAH of Australia

The LSSAH of Southern California USA

The LSSAH  on the East Coast  of the USA.
 of the U.S.A.


2. SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 3, "Deutschland" of the USA


  The 3.SS Pz.Div. TOTENKOPF of the USA





5. SS Panzer Division " Wiking " Sweden

10th SS Frundsberg  This is a new unit in New Jersey, USA

9th SS Hohenstaufen  Homepage of  New Jersey & Pennsylvania unit  USA portraying the 3.Aufklarungszug, Stabs Kompanie, SS-Panzer Aufklarungs Abteilung, 9.SS-Panzerdivision 'Hohenstaufen.

9th SS 5th Kompanie  This is a new unit out of VA, United States

12.SS.Pz.Div. in the UK

17ss GVB- this is a unit from of Arizona, USA. Contact Gary P @

2 SS-Deutschland in Texas   Information regarding the Deutschland Regiment of the Texas Military Historical Society including required equipment and awards criteria. USA

17th SS Gotz von Berlichingen SS panzergrenadier regiment 37  Based in the NJ, PA, DE area, USA

SS. Freiwilligen Legion Norwegen  A new unit out of PA, USA

1.SS in Singapore  That's right in Singapore, this is a brand new page.

Heer units:






7th Kompanie Grenadier regiment Grossdeutschland reenactors  This is a German reenactor unit on the east coast of the USA with almost 100 members.

Panzeraufklärungs-Abteilung 11 / 11.Panzer-Division This is a fully motorized W.W.II German re-enacting unit from Northern Virginia, USA

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21st panzer Division  USA

134."Hoch- und Deutschmeister" Grenadier Regiment   Grenadier regiment is based in Atlanta Georgia, USA

Füsilier Kompanie 272 In the Northeast USA

116 panzer Division " Windhund"  From the Midwest , USA

116 panzer Division " Windhund"- Well know Wehrmacht unit in the UK.


Luftwaffe Units:

2nd Fallschirmjager  From California, USA

Fallschirmjaeger Luftlande Sturm Regiment  From New Jersey, USA

1st Fallschirmjager Division Pioniers- 1st Fallschirmjager Division - Bataillon 1 Pionier Kompanie 3.  World War II Re-enactment Unit based in PA,on the East Coast of the USA.

Feldgendarmerie Units:


 FG Trupp 200


1 FJ Pionier 1 Bataillon 3rd Kompanie.

Feldgendarmerie Trupp. 82 (Motorized) of the 2. Panzer Division.- This is the  unit in the UK. 

1/Feldgendarmerie Abteilung 541.F.G. Trupp b (mot) 419- This is a unit back east.

Feldgendarmerie Abteilung 693-

Italian Units:


  Excellent Italian unit operating in the USA.






Excellent site covering all aspects of Italian WW2 Re-enacting, war gaming, books, history and models.